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Our Story

The Art of Russian is a boutique Russian language school based on a comfortable and effective teaching methodology. We build small language groups and help you go through each level with the same group.

Support System

We offer group lessons where students not only learn the language but build friendships and help each other in the language journey. We distribute homework in the form of Anki flashcards. We also offer FB chat for all of our students


We dedicate 60% of each lesson to speaking practice. We use games and various exercises to achieve this target.


We begin with basic phrases and expressions and move progressively through the grammar curriculum.

Meet Our Teachers

Katia Artyushenko

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Language Teacher

"I approach teaching Russian with an extraordinary amount of passion and enthusiasm. I am dedicated to focusing not just on a particular topic but rather on each student with particular needs, cares, and concerns".


Katia is a native of the Russian Far East, born and raised in Khabarovsk. She received her BA in International Management at Pacific State University. Katia moved to San Francisco, United States, in 2011, where she completed a Certified Program in Hospitality. 


Katia always maintained teaching Russian as a hobby of hers. But in 2020, she became a Certified Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language, graduating from Moscow State University.


Katia is a Udemy course creator, Youtuber, and Duolingo ambassador. She also works full-time as a Russian Content Moderator at Google.

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Anna Chebotareva

Language Teacher

"I have always liked foreign languages, but the most unusual experience for me was teaching my native language as foreign. I really like to reveal the subtleties of the Russian language; I like looking for answers to interesting questions together with my students. In addition, I like the opportunity to communicate with people from different countries and cultures."

Anna was born and raised in Voronezh in Central Russia. She started her teaching career teaching English to children 1.5 - 5 years old using the "immersion" method. In 2019 she moved to the Far East in the city of Khabarovsk. In 2020 she graduated from the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology and started teaching Russian as a foreign language online. At the university, Anna studied linguistics, French, and English.



Now Anna is a content creator for Facebook group and Instagram, and she also creates graphic lessons for the Russian language program.

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